Monday, July 4, 2011


I'm just testing out this blogger app cuz I got an android tablet recently & I'm trying out different android apps. This one isn't bad but lets see if it posts.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Don't Want a New iPhone 

I've had my iPhone 3G for awhile and I was content or at least I thought I was.....THEN came the new iPhone & my world got a little crazy....and so it begins...

The iPhone 4 was coming & we all knew it. The buzz was incredible & could be heard from anywhere I looked. Technically, we just had the 3Gs come out but this was different.

When the 3Gs was released, it was exciting, but what some people don't know is that ALL the "new" features Apple was presenting us on the 3Gs were not really new.

The hacker geniuses of the iPhone world discovered that most, if not all of these 3Gs features, were already present in the 3G model & just needed to be uncovered & utilized....Next thing you know, my 3G suddenly has all these awesome new features available and everyone is jail breaking to get them too!

By the time Apple announces the iPhone 3Gs, it's not so new anymore.

Although, Those who don't jailbreak are in awe & just fascinated by all these new toys for their favorite gadget.... but the ones who jailbreak? Well, not so much...
How could it be when jailbreakers have already had every one of those so called "new" features functioning on their current model device practically since it was released.

The iPhone 4 was different....
It was ALL new and as much as I didn't want to admit it...I wanted one!

I decided against upgrading though because I thought it was too much money to throw away when my 3G was working ok...a bit slow but ok nonetheless & I couldn't seriously justify the purchase right then....So I tried to forget, tried to move on....
Soooooo much easier said than done!

So I'm sitting at home with my aging, sluggish 3G,, attempting to ignore any iPhone 4 news while pretending not to be jealous of all the new owners.

Each time an iPhone commercial came on, it arrogantly bragged on about another cool feature that my poor 3G could only dream of doing, no matter how much hacking is done.
To make it worse, it teased me mercilessly with it's reasonably priced upgrade offer available to almost everyone, including me...but I was tough!
I'd proudly turn away & remind myself of all the great things my phone could still do. I'd go down the list of reasons I'd be thankful I didn't jump on the iPhone 4 bandwagon.
For instance, I wouldn't have to be one of the guinea pigs that finds all the problems that come with new purchases....
by the time I upgraded, I'd be well aware of any problems because they most likely would be sorted out by then.
Also, nothing is ever working for new devices yet because everyone updates slowly. So most apps won't work.
There was more but ummmm I can't remember anymore. I'm typing on my 3G & it keeps freezing up.

Where was I? Oh yeah that's right, happy with my 3G...

My mom just called & asked me if I wanted the iPhone 4 as a birthday gift from her this year so I gotta go now because the Apple store down the block closes in 20 minutes!!!

This was just something I wrote quick to get me back into writing. It's true but just silly writing 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quickie Post....

and here I am again! Still using iBlogger. I tried to use "BlogPress" but whenever I clicked app icon it would just shut down & show springboard again. I'll have to see if it's me or the app ltself having trouble.

Ok so this is gonna have to be a quickie but I just wanted to mention that "Veency" worked out great!!! I loved it & I still wanna record a video on my "to die for" iPhone favs!
I always wanted to show people stuff on my iphone but never knew how (unless they were next to me of course) but NOW I DO!
I just can't decide how to start. I actually tried a few times but always screwed up or showed some info that I didn't want to & would need to start again.

By the way, is there any video screen capture software that let's you blur out parts of screen,,, cuz that would be extremely helpful!

Ok well anyway, this was just a small update & I'll work on getting videos.
Thanks for reading my silly lil blog ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trying iBlogger App

So I got this iBlogger app on my iPhone and decided to try it out. So far it seems decent but I'll know better after I post this & check it out on the web. Hopefully it won't look all messed up ::::crosses fingers::::

Ok what else?? Ohh yeah I also installed "Veency" (jailbroken iPhones only) because I was looking for a way to record a video of my iPhone screen & this will supposedly let me do just that! I'll test it & post video here next.

Well Im gonna cut this short because I still don't know whether this will even post correctly using this iBlogger app & it would really suck if I typed a long long post (on my tiny iPhone keyboard no less) only to find out it jumbled everything up, or worse, never posted at all! AAAAACCCKKK!!!
So here we go ::::publishing to blog::::

After Checking Web View:

Ok so it looks decent :) Not bad iBlogger. It let's me do tags, HTML editing, & a few other things. I'm pretty sure I can post pics too but not positive yet... we shall see! AND it also AUTOMATICALLY advertises itself with a nice little line at the bottom of your posts along with a convienient link leading right to this app so you too can purchase it!! How sweet of them to make you pay & then force you to advertise for them.
Yeah sure you can delete the thing on the web editor but that's not the point. I don't believe you should have to advertise for the company unless the app was free. Ok rant over :D

In any case, it does what it's supposed to & does it pretty well sooooo ....,. Maybe I'll be posting again afterall ;)

I'm not sure what I'll post about just yet but most likely it'll be whatever I'm into at the moment & not nessesarily only iPhone talk. I just really need an outlet for writing again because it's always been a huge part of my life & an enormous stress reliever. I've literally always written in a journal/diary and started at age 6.... That journal had Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse on it... Hehe.

Ok so I'm gonna go try that Veency App now & hope it works! Sooo exciting heh heh heh...

Ta-Ta For Now aka T.T.F.N. =)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Ringtones (iPhone)

Hey everyone (if there is anyone LOL)!
I have been on a very long hiatus but I think I'm ready to actually start posting again, but we will see!
I'll post a longer blog later but for now I just wanted to share a couple ringtones I made for my iPhone 3G... So if you like any of them, feel free to use them!

The one I just made was a clip from "Family Guy" where the baby keeps annoying his mom by calling her name over and over and over until she finally screams "What!!" And he just answers "Hi" with a silly giggle and runs away.
I don't actually watch this show, but I saw this clip on a commercial and laughed every time. So I decided to make it my ring tone. It's like 28 seconds long and there is an MP3 version and the iPhone Ringtone version, which is an .M4r file that you can just click and it will automatically open up iTunes to install on your iPhone when you sync.

Here are the links:
(the name of the file is at the end of the link so make sure you pay attention because one is .mp3 version and the other is .m4r version for your iPhone)

Family Guy Ringtone

The next one is from Rocky 3 I think. They play it when Mickey dies. It's a pretty piano piece that I had to split in two because I couldn't decide which part I wanted to use for my ring tone and each one is only allowed to be 40 seconds at the most. Go to

Mickey Piano Theme in 2 parts (RockyIII)

Even though I never had a Nokia phone before, this iPhone ringtone is one of my favorites & I probably use this one the most. It's just a small sound file of a dying ringtone. It's supposedly the default Nokia tone or one of them. Play the MP3 to hear it. I love it!
I did not create this one and I'm not really sure who did. Sorry!

Dying Nokia Ringtone Sound
(funny) Tone Best Ever.mp3 Tone Best Ever.m4r

Remember, if you're going to use any of these on your iPhone, then you need to download the file with the .m4r extension and then click on it in order for iTunes to import it for use on your iPhone.

Or you can use the method that I use. I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G and a PC running windows XP. however, this method supposedly works with phones that were not jailbroken so give it a try!

I use this FREE iPhone file browser called "i-funbox" (which can be downloaded at

Just plug your iPhone into your USB port and then click the i-funbox.exe to open iPhone browser.

You should see your iPhone listed on left under your "My Computer" (or whatever yours is named) icon.

Next, just click on it to open and see the file system on your iPhone.

There should be a directory called "Ringtones".
Open that up so you can see its contents on the right side, then just drag from your hard drive to the ringtone window whatever ringtone files (with the extension m4r) into that folder and that's it.
you can shut it off when you're done dragging all your files to it.

Go into your settings section on your phone to select one of your new ringistones.

If you don't see your new ringtone's inside your sounds settings on your iPhone, just restart your phone and then they should appear when you try again.
At least that's how mine works.

In my opinion, iTunes takes wayyy too long to sync my iPhone just for one ringtone or whatever, so I use this iPhone browser a lot. Try it out!

I had never tried this on an un-jailbroken iPhone, but the site claims that it should work!

See you soon!

Here is a video clip of the Family Guy ringtone I made so you can see what I am referring to. (although mine is much shorter because I trimmed it).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Rambling

I know it's been like for ever since I've updated this blog but I have been just going through some personal stuff and I'm only human, right? Right!
It's not like I had a huge following anyway but I will always appreciate the few that do read my blog and actually enjoy it. So to them, I am sorry.

First of all, I have noticed that I've been receiving a lot a friend requests for the Facebook profile I created to make that tutorial a little while back. I honestly never intended to use that Facebook account for anything except tutorials maybe or something? It is really nice though to see the friend requests in spite of all that. So now I'm starting to think I should make it an actual page for me, this blog, or whatever. What do you guys think?

So what's been going on with me lately?
Nothing much actually! I will admit that I have been getting a little too addicted to games lately. Facebook actually sucked me in to a bunch of games until it just became overwhelming. Then I started playing on the Nintendo Wii that we recently got. It's going to sound silly but I've been pretty obsessed with a little game call "Animal Crossing City Folk". I know, I know, it's like a child game but you wouldn't believe how many adults actually play it. I actually started playing it on my Nintendo DS Lite and it's so easy to get sucked in. I finally got away from it and then they came out with a version for the Nintendo Wii.
However, what I have really been getting interested in, is the whole cheating side of these games. Not because I want to cheat, but because I'm interested in the whole hacking side of things and how they come up with these specific codes to make certain things happen. It's been really intriguing me. I actually went out and bought this little gadget they call a "USB Gecko". I haven't actually tested it out yet but I know you can create cheat codes with it (for the wii anyway)and learn how these games work. Apparently it's useful for all kinds of stuff and I'm going to attempt to figure out how it works (I hope LOL)... does anyone know about these things? Anyone that may want to help a girl out? I'm also a really obsessive researcher when I'm curious about something ... Wish me luck!

I usually try to figure things out myself because if you go into any of those forums or chat rooms filled with little hackers and act like a newbie to all this, they will rip you apart and the best answer you'll get is "why don't you try reading" or my favorite response "Google is your friend" LOL! There are the rare times though where you'll get somebody willing to help you and not criticize you. I have experienced the nice ones a few times but I really think it's only because I'm a girl that thing went easier on me,,, who knows?
So that's where my head is now! Curious about hacking and how games work.... and how to create cheat codes for others that actually work!

I'm still debating on the whole upgrade to 3.0 on my iPhone 3G. I have way too many jailbreak apps that I can't live without. Plus the whole backing up, reinstalling, re-jailbreaking, reinstalling everything..etc... seems like so much work! My phone works really well and has everything I need so why fix what ain't broken? It's kind of funny that most of the upgrades on new iPhone 3GS were things that all of us with jailbroken phones already had it for a really long time now. So honestly, why do we need to rush an upgrade?

Oh yeah I forgot! Because a lot of apps out now can only be used on 3.0!! That is the one thing that kind of pisses me off but whatever.

Okay my rant is over for tonight! Thanks for listening and come again!

Oh yeah by the way, I am really excited because that free Macbook Pro is almost in my possession! I never realized how hard it was to get referrals! I mean wouldn't you think it was easy to get friends or family to sign up for something that costs them nothing and helps you out in the long run? Yep that's what I thought... but I know better now! So when I finally, finally, FINALLY get this laptop, I will appreciate it a hell of a lot more since I really did have to work for it!

I also kept asking myself, if somehow all my begging and pleading ended up giving me enough referrals for more than one prize, what would I do?
Well, I've decided that if that happens, I'll hold some kind of contest to give some lucky person an awesome prize! How cool would that be? I think it would be awesome! It really is just as fun to give as well as receive if you can do it. It just gives you this really great feeling inside that you would never know any other way. Trust me I know!
Whenever I got my hands on extra money or something like that, I would always try and find someone might need things a little bit more than I do and send it in them anonymously. Sometimes it would be food basket, sometimes clothes or sometimes just plain old money donations to those who really needed it at the time and every single time I've done this, I just felt so good inside and knew that this was a feeling that could never be felt any other way.
I just wish I could do it all the time. Yep it definitely feels better to give than receive.... but receiving is pretty cool too hehehe

Wow I got a little sentimental and corny there... must be the season. Okay I'm signing off for real this time! Niterz!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What is SwagBucks???

I recently found a site that lets you earn prizes just for searching the web like I always do!
Ever since I joined this site, I've been having so much fun and already collected my first prize.
It's almost like playing a slot machine but instead you're using a search engine.

You just search for things like you always do on Google, but instead you're going through the
SwagBucks site, which uses Google's search engine. So you're basically getting paid for doing something you already do.
It's cool because you just search like normal and occasionally a page will pop up saying congratulations you've won one swag Buck or however many. It could be $10 $20, who knows? It's just fun!

Here is what the page looks like when you win while doing a search(I won this Buck searching for "internal bleeding" LOL):

Just click the photo to see it larger.

Now check out this site because it explains everything much better than I can and there's also a link to sign up so you can start earning too! There's an explanation of Swagbucks, how it works, winning tips, and also photo proof of others that have claimed prizes! So what are you waiting for?

Go here now and start winning! It is so fun!

or Click Here or Banner Below to just Sign Up
and Have Fun!

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