Monday, July 6, 2009

What is SwagBucks???

I recently found a site that lets you earn prizes just for searching the web like I always do!
Ever since I joined this site, I've been having so much fun and already collected my first prize.
It's almost like playing a slot machine but instead you're using a search engine.

You just search for things like you always do on Google, but instead you're going through the
SwagBucks site, which uses Google's search engine. So you're basically getting paid for doing something you already do.
It's cool because you just search like normal and occasionally a page will pop up saying congratulations you've won one swag Buck or however many. It could be $10 $20, who knows? It's just fun!

Here is what the page looks like when you win while doing a search(I won this Buck searching for "internal bleeding" LOL):

Just click the photo to see it larger.

Now check out this site because it explains everything much better than I can and there's also a link to sign up so you can start earning too! There's an explanation of Swagbucks, how it works, winning tips, and also photo proof of others that have claimed prizes! So what are you waiting for?

Go here now and start winning! It is so fun!

or Click Here or Banner Below to just Sign Up
and Have Fun!

Search & Win