Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Rambling

I know it's been like for ever since I've updated this blog but I have been just going through some personal stuff and I'm only human, right? Right!
It's not like I had a huge following anyway but I will always appreciate the few that do read my blog and actually enjoy it. So to them, I am sorry.

First of all, I have noticed that I've been receiving a lot a friend requests for the Facebook profile I created to make that tutorial a little while back. I honestly never intended to use that Facebook account for anything except tutorials maybe or something? It is really nice though to see the friend requests in spite of all that. So now I'm starting to think I should make it an actual page for me, this blog, or whatever. What do you guys think?

So what's been going on with me lately?
Nothing much actually! I will admit that I have been getting a little too addicted to games lately. Facebook actually sucked me in to a bunch of games until it just became overwhelming. Then I started playing on the Nintendo Wii that we recently got. It's going to sound silly but I've been pretty obsessed with a little game call "Animal Crossing City Folk". I know, I know, it's like a child game but you wouldn't believe how many adults actually play it. I actually started playing it on my Nintendo DS Lite and it's so easy to get sucked in. I finally got away from it and then they came out with a version for the Nintendo Wii.
However, what I have really been getting interested in, is the whole cheating side of these games. Not because I want to cheat, but because I'm interested in the whole hacking side of things and how they come up with these specific codes to make certain things happen. It's been really intriguing me. I actually went out and bought this little gadget they call a "USB Gecko". I haven't actually tested it out yet but I know you can create cheat codes with it (for the wii anyway)and learn how these games work. Apparently it's useful for all kinds of stuff and I'm going to attempt to figure out how it works (I hope LOL)... does anyone know about these things? Anyone that may want to help a girl out? I'm also a really obsessive researcher when I'm curious about something ... Wish me luck!

I usually try to figure things out myself because if you go into any of those forums or chat rooms filled with little hackers and act like a newbie to all this, they will rip you apart and the best answer you'll get is "why don't you try reading" or my favorite response "Google is your friend" LOL! There are the rare times though where you'll get somebody willing to help you and not criticize you. I have experienced the nice ones a few times but I really think it's only because I'm a girl that thing went easier on me,,, who knows?
So that's where my head is now! Curious about hacking and how games work.... and how to create cheat codes for others that actually work!

I'm still debating on the whole upgrade to 3.0 on my iPhone 3G. I have way too many jailbreak apps that I can't live without. Plus the whole backing up, reinstalling, re-jailbreaking, reinstalling everything..etc... seems like so much work! My phone works really well and has everything I need so why fix what ain't broken? It's kind of funny that most of the upgrades on new iPhone 3GS were things that all of us with jailbroken phones already had it for a really long time now. So honestly, why do we need to rush an upgrade?

Oh yeah I forgot! Because a lot of apps out now can only be used on 3.0!! That is the one thing that kind of pisses me off but whatever.

Okay my rant is over for tonight! Thanks for listening and come again!

Oh yeah by the way, I am really excited because that free Macbook Pro is almost in my possession! I never realized how hard it was to get referrals! I mean wouldn't you think it was easy to get friends or family to sign up for something that costs them nothing and helps you out in the long run? Yep that's what I thought... but I know better now! So when I finally, finally, FINALLY get this laptop, I will appreciate it a hell of a lot more since I really did have to work for it!

I also kept asking myself, if somehow all my begging and pleading ended up giving me enough referrals for more than one prize, what would I do?
Well, I've decided that if that happens, I'll hold some kind of contest to give some lucky person an awesome prize! How cool would that be? I think it would be awesome! It really is just as fun to give as well as receive if you can do it. It just gives you this really great feeling inside that you would never know any other way. Trust me I know!
Whenever I got my hands on extra money or something like that, I would always try and find someone might need things a little bit more than I do and send it in them anonymously. Sometimes it would be food basket, sometimes clothes or sometimes just plain old money donations to those who really needed it at the time and every single time I've done this, I just felt so good inside and knew that this was a feeling that could never be felt any other way.
I just wish I could do it all the time. Yep it definitely feels better to give than receive.... but receiving is pretty cool too hehehe

Wow I got a little sentimental and corny there... must be the season. Okay I'm signing off for real this time! Niterz!