Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Ringtones (iPhone)

Hey everyone (if there is anyone LOL)!
I have been on a very long hiatus but I think I'm ready to actually start posting again, but we will see!
I'll post a longer blog later but for now I just wanted to share a couple ringtones I made for my iPhone 3G... So if you like any of them, feel free to use them!

The one I just made was a clip from "Family Guy" where the baby keeps annoying his mom by calling her name over and over and over until she finally screams "What!!" And he just answers "Hi" with a silly giggle and runs away.
I don't actually watch this show, but I saw this clip on a commercial and laughed every time. So I decided to make it my ring tone. It's like 28 seconds long and there is an MP3 version and the iPhone Ringtone version, which is an .M4r file that you can just click and it will automatically open up iTunes to install on your iPhone when you sync.

Here are the links:
(the name of the file is at the end of the link so make sure you pay attention because one is .mp3 version and the other is .m4r version for your iPhone)

Family Guy Ringtone

The next one is from Rocky 3 I think. They play it when Mickey dies. It's a pretty piano piece that I had to split in two because I couldn't decide which part I wanted to use for my ring tone and each one is only allowed to be 40 seconds at the most. Go to

Mickey Piano Theme in 2 parts (RockyIII)

Even though I never had a Nokia phone before, this iPhone ringtone is one of my favorites & I probably use this one the most. It's just a small sound file of a dying ringtone. It's supposedly the default Nokia tone or one of them. Play the MP3 to hear it. I love it!
I did not create this one and I'm not really sure who did. Sorry!

Dying Nokia Ringtone Sound
(funny) Tone Best Ever.mp3 Tone Best Ever.m4r

Remember, if you're going to use any of these on your iPhone, then you need to download the file with the .m4r extension and then click on it in order for iTunes to import it for use on your iPhone.

Or you can use the method that I use. I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G and a PC running windows XP. however, this method supposedly works with phones that were not jailbroken so give it a try!

I use this FREE iPhone file browser called "i-funbox" (which can be downloaded at

Just plug your iPhone into your USB port and then click the i-funbox.exe to open iPhone browser.

You should see your iPhone listed on left under your "My Computer" (or whatever yours is named) icon.

Next, just click on it to open and see the file system on your iPhone.

There should be a directory called "Ringtones".
Open that up so you can see its contents on the right side, then just drag from your hard drive to the ringtone window whatever ringtone files (with the extension m4r) into that folder and that's it.
you can shut it off when you're done dragging all your files to it.

Go into your settings section on your phone to select one of your new ringistones.

If you don't see your new ringtone's inside your sounds settings on your iPhone, just restart your phone and then they should appear when you try again.
At least that's how mine works.

In my opinion, iTunes takes wayyy too long to sync my iPhone just for one ringtone or whatever, so I use this iPhone browser a lot. Try it out!

I had never tried this on an un-jailbroken iPhone, but the site claims that it should work!

See you soon!

Here is a video clip of the Family Guy ringtone I made so you can see what I am referring to. (although mine is much shorter because I trimmed it).