Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quickie Post....

and here I am again! Still using iBlogger. I tried to use "BlogPress" but whenever I clicked app icon it would just shut down & show springboard again. I'll have to see if it's me or the app ltself having trouble.

Ok so this is gonna have to be a quickie but I just wanted to mention that "Veency" worked out great!!! I loved it & I still wanna record a video on my "to die for" iPhone favs!
I always wanted to show people stuff on my iphone but never knew how (unless they were next to me of course) but NOW I DO!
I just can't decide how to start. I actually tried a few times but always screwed up or showed some info that I didn't want to & would need to start again.

By the way, is there any video screen capture software that let's you blur out parts of screen,,, cuz that would be extremely helpful!

Ok well anyway, this was just a small update & I'll work on getting videos.
Thanks for reading my silly lil blog ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trying iBlogger App

So I got this iBlogger app on my iPhone and decided to try it out. So far it seems decent but I'll know better after I post this & check it out on the web. Hopefully it won't look all messed up ::::crosses fingers::::

Ok what else?? Ohh yeah I also installed "Veency" (jailbroken iPhones only) because I was looking for a way to record a video of my iPhone screen & this will supposedly let me do just that! I'll test it & post video here next.

Well Im gonna cut this short because I still don't know whether this will even post correctly using this iBlogger app & it would really suck if I typed a long long post (on my tiny iPhone keyboard no less) only to find out it jumbled everything up, or worse, never posted at all! AAAAACCCKKK!!!
So here we go ::::publishing to blog::::

After Checking Web View:

Ok so it looks decent :) Not bad iBlogger. It let's me do tags, HTML editing, & a few other things. I'm pretty sure I can post pics too but not positive yet... we shall see! AND it also AUTOMATICALLY advertises itself with a nice little line at the bottom of your posts along with a convienient link leading right to this app so you too can purchase it!! How sweet of them to make you pay & then force you to advertise for them.
Yeah sure you can delete the thing on the web editor but that's not the point. I don't believe you should have to advertise for the company unless the app was free. Ok rant over :D

In any case, it does what it's supposed to & does it pretty well sooooo ....,. Maybe I'll be posting again afterall ;)

I'm not sure what I'll post about just yet but most likely it'll be whatever I'm into at the moment & not nessesarily only iPhone talk. I just really need an outlet for writing again because it's always been a huge part of my life & an enormous stress reliever. I've literally always written in a journal/diary and started at age 6.... That journal had Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse on it... Hehe.

Ok so I'm gonna go try that Veency App now & hope it works! Sooo exciting heh heh heh...

Ta-Ta For Now aka T.T.F.N. =)