Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stick It by Tapfactory -- Review

My review for the
"Stick It
" iPhone app
by Tapfactory
Website link:

Stick it icon

Apple finally added Tapfactory's new app to its app store and I have to admit, it's pretty cool!
With so many apps to choose from in iTunes, I'm here to point out some specific ones for you, like "Stick It" by Tapfactory for the iPhone/iPod so read on!

First of all, the icon is cute and definitely relevant to the app itself. It's a picture of some sticky notes of course (image shown above and links directly to the app website not iTunes). It starts up very quickly and runs smoothly on my iPhone 3G and offers lots of customization options.

The user interface is so self-explanatory that even the most technically challenged users will be able to use this app with no problems in my opinion.
It's pretty straightforward, and does exactly what it says it will, but it makes creating reminders fun.

You can create regular looking sticky notes or choose from a va
riety of styles and colors, then add your text and choose from the list of included fonts which also includes the option to change the color and size of your text (which can be extremely helpful for fitting text perfectly on any note style you choose, big or small).
Last is the option of backgrounds which include brick walls, steel, paper and many others. If you don't like any of those, use your own photos stored on your iPhone or take a picture! The note styles also include many different talk bubbles if you feel like turning your picture into a comic! I love that feature!
All of these options are created easily with the touch of a well labeled button or swipe of the screen. I had absolutely no problem navigating and performing everything I wan
ted to do with this app. Honestly, they could not make it any easier to use this!

After creating your note you can export it to your photo folder on your iPhone, then just add it as your background and it will appear on your lock screen so it's the first thing you see when you turn on your iPhone or iPod! Perfect for important reminders! There's also a preview button so you can see how it will look before you save it.
I love the idea they showed on the demo video using a metal plate as your note and adding your info as the text so if your phone is lost the first thing they will see is where they can return it! The note style and background is a great touch to make it look stylish.
I also love the comic effect you can add t
o your own photos for a fun, personal touch. Check out the examples I posted that were all created in this app in my personal photo with a comic note added for fun.
Add one note or many! The choice is yours!

Problems Experienced:

The only problem I actually had with this app was when I was scrolling through the note styles. It appeared to be stuck and would not swipe to the next screen (the note style choices are the same format as your iPhone home screens where you are to swipe to the next screen for the next note style and when you choose one, you would tap the note itself).
I spoke to the developer about this and was informed me that I needed to swipe above or below the note in order to move from screen to screen. I was actually tryin
g to swipe on the note itself in the middle of each screen.
I went into the app again to see if that was actually the problem and sure enough, it was! Swiping above and below the note made the transitions much easier. So I thought I would mention this in case you got this app and thought it was not working properly like I had thought. This was the only thing not apparent.

Additional Information:

I'm told an update was submitted to Apple already and I
believe they will be adding more choices to customize your notes in future updates. In my personal opinion, this developer seems genuinely dedicated to the apps they create and distribute.
I can comfortably recommend this app to anyone who is looking for something like this or just likes these kind of apps. The amount of options available is just awesome and worth the small price. Now go get it!

Links for "Stick It" App:

My personal images created in "Stick It"
(you can click each image to view a larger version)

Go to developer website for more images and information.

Quote from website:
Stick It

The most versatile custom reminder tool for your iPhone/iPod. Quickly, and easily create wallpapers for your lockscreen.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forget Type Tweeting!

Note: Links open webpage not iTunes

Has anybody ever tried audio tweets?
Well I've been playing around with this new app for my iPhone called TweetMic and it's actually pretty cool. I guess if twitter is technically for busy people then TweetMic would be for really really busy people! Now you don't even have to type your messages, you just speak into the app to record a "Tweetcast" (as they call it) and if you want to write a little message, it gives you a space for that, then just send! It automatically posts to your twitter account. It cannot get any easier!

If you don't want to type a message, they actually have a default message already in place that says "listen to my audio tweet". That's pretty self explanatory, right?
I love it, but it's a little awkward for me because I'm one of those people that hears their voice in a recording and can't believe that it's them LOL! Yes it's silly but we are who we are. I will however post a TweetMic post for just this occasion on my twitter account to announce this blog post and then I'll probably never do it again, ha ha! Seriously though, I do think it's a really cool idea for those of us who are comfortable with that sort of medium and this app actually accomplishes the task at hand rather well.

It's only $.99 at the app store what are u waiting for?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cool New Sticky App!

What could be better then a sticky note to keep all your little reminders right there on your iPhone screen? A sticky note app that you can customize to your hearts content!

TapFactory just submitted a new app to Apple called "Stick It" and it seems really cool!
There is nothing better than having options and "Stick It" gives you a lot! You can change the note style from your average everyday looking sticky note to a cool looking metal plate, and lots more! They also let you customize the font style, size and color! I can just see myself playing with the customizations constantly! I love stuff like this. So if you're anything like me and you love to play around with styles, colors and fonts, then you'll probably love this too! Our iPhone's look great so why shouldn't we make our reminders look great too? Hopefully now we can!

Let's just hope Apple gets on the approval process quickly so we can all try it out!
I'll Definitely post again when it comes out and let you know if it lives up to the hype!

New iPhones in July??

Could it be true? According to a few rumours it could very well be true for July 17th and Im a little excited.
I did just get my iPhone technically but I'll happily upgrade for the improvements!

-32 GB
-longer battery life
-better camera
And more! How can u NOT upgrade??
Well no real confirmation from Apple yet but it's looking like a real possibility! My birthday is in July so I can't think of a better present! Happy birthday to me!

Ill post my sources later cuz I'm posting this from my iPhone right now :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Google App Easter Egg Secret!

Download FREE Google Mobile App Here -- this link will open up iTunes.

For those who don't know, Google added an Easter egg to their new app which is kind of neat.
If you don't have the app, download it from the link above.
Open the program, go to settings and scroll down until a new option appears
called "Bells and Whistles" (see image below). Just keep scrolling down until it pops up.
I won't tell you what's inside their because I don't want to ruin it for you.
Don't you love little tricks like this? I do!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Twitter?

What is so special about Twitter? When the service first came out, I completely ignored it and then I started hearing about it everywhere! So I decided to go back and check it out, but I still just didn't get it and had no idea why so many people were hooked on it.... especially celebrities!

I was already a member of Facebook and MySpace which already had that status feature plus a whole lot more. They couldn't understand why people chose a service that only had one thing instead of the services that offered plenty.
Then I started thinking about it and realized that the biggest reason I didn't always go onto Facebook or MySpace was because I always felt obligated to keep it updated and write blogs or edit pages...etc... it seemed like a chore almost and that's when it clicked! Twitter it is like a modern way of communication without having to put too much effort into it or something like that. Since it's only asking you for a status message (a short one at that!) It's easy to just get in, make a quick update, and get out!
It's like communication for busy people! LOL!

So anyway, I've been on Twitter for a few weeks now and I'm actually really starting to like it. I've had a few good conversations and just basically had fun without any real hassles. I guess you could say I understand it now. What I really like is that a lot of celebrities that are on Twitter, actually take the time to post themselves and interact with their fan base instead of getting some robotic assistant to reply for them. I guess it makes it easier for them too. I am still technically new to the whole Twitter game, but time will tell.

Okay so now I've been looking at Twitter apps so I can do everything from my iPhone. It's strange because there is like one Facebook app and like a million Twitter Apps on ITunes so How Can You Choose? It's Crazy!
So far I've tried a few and I seem to keep coming back to "Twitterrific Premium" and I'm not completely sure why but it definitely seems like I can do pretty much everything on this one including delete some tweets which is pretty important because I accidentally send tweets all the time and with a few other apps, I've had to close out and go on another app to delete. This definitely becomes a hassle. I want all my features in one spot. Although Tweetie is pretty cool too. My favorite feature on that app is when you check out somebody's profile, they give you the option to read all the posts that users write to that person. For instance you look at a profile, and one of the options says "search @screenname" which brings up a screen with all the people that have been posting to the person and normally well on other apps, you have to type that in manually. Screen name obviously wouldn't say screen name,,, it would say the actual persons name of whoever's profile you are looking at. For those who aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, when you go to view someone's Twitter page, it only shows what that person is typing. So if you're reading it, you just see somebody answering a whole bunch of questions but you never see the questions,,,, unless of course you type it in manually and search but that's a pain in the butt.
I'm probably really confusing right now LOL! Hopefully somebody will understand what I'm saying.
Okay well I guess that's all I have to say for now.
Until next time.......

In the meantime check out.....
29 Twitter Apps for the iPhone Compared

Monday, May 11, 2009

GMate Mail for GMail

GMate Mail for Gmail

GMate Mail for GMail
Release Date: May 09, 2009
Genre: Utilities
© 2009 TripleSpin Solutions

Click the image to open in full size.

GMate Mail for Gmail (link will open up iTunes)

I just bought this app from iTunes and I think it is really great! I use this extension on Firefox called Gmail Manager where you can put multiple Gmail accounts and it and check them with just a click of the button and I love that because I have so many Gmail accounts to check.
Now somebody made this kind of thing for iPhone and it works really well. You can add multiple Gmail accounts and use a simple pulldown menu to change accounts and the mail shows up more like it does when you check mail through the browser. Whenever I check using iPhone's mail system, it always seems limited and doesn't always show me everything but this app solves that problem for me.

It runs rather quick in my opinion and it is just really useful for people like me with more than one Gmail account. It's only $.99 and I think it was really worth it. I just thought that I would mention it here in case anyone didn't know about it.

Another thing I forgot to mention, it also allows you to view web pages in the app right
through Google just as if you were actually on the Google homepage. All the links are
there to calendar, Web, news,,,etc.. and you can even view image searches on it.
It is exactly like using the Google homepage from the regular web.
There is also a button that lets you open the page in Safari if you don't like
looking through this app or if you want to save a bookmark since this doesn't have that ability.

It also supports landscape view and you can type in landscape view.
I keep learning new things about this as I play with it.
I definitely recommend it! For $.99 how can you go wrong? LOL well I guess you can go wrong
but I think this is worth it.

It's just really cool!

Small Update:

I've had a chance to play with it a little more and even talked to the developer.
There were a few problems at first like the spacebar was totally unresponsive when trying to write an e-mail and honestly, how can you write an e-mail without spaces?
Also there was a strange error whenever I looked at a webpage through the app and try to go back to e-mail.
I talked to the developer and he was very responsive about addressing problems and fixing them. So far these things have not been an issue since speaking with them and I feel confident that this person will actually try to improve this app and not forget about it.

I also asked about the push feature and being able to use your iPhone contacts for e-mails. He wouldn't say specifically but I am getting the feeling that these features may be added soon. One can only hope! I really do want to use this more often but unfortunately the iPhone e-mail is the only one that is truly integrated with the rest of the phone features. We'll just have to wait and see!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Sing or Hum a tune...

To find out the name of the song! There is this cool little iPhone app called midomi that I just found out about and it's just like Shazam except so much more!

With this app, you can actually sing or hum a tune and it will guess what the song is.
I've tested it out a little bit and it's not so great at guessing with my singing ,,HaHa,,, but yours might be better? (It did actually guess a few songs I sang very badly LOL)... It also has the same feature as Shazam where you can play it a song and many other ways to identify that song you're trying to figure out the name of.
I just love this one because it has a whole bunch of stuff all in one so you can't go wrong!

It was actually free when I got it but now it seems to be $2.99.
I do really think it's a pretty good app although I can't be your judge and I definitely can't make you spend the money but if you have it to spare, I say go for it! They have actually upgraded it since I first used it and it's now called "midomi Ultra"! I don't know if I could justify spending the money on this when shazam is free because I don't know if I would have purchased it had I not gotten it for free but the choice is up to you of course!

Click here to open iTunes right to the "midomi Ultra" page.

midomi Ultra Website
Melodis Corporation
Release Date: May 05, 2009
Genre: Music
© 2009 Melodis Corp