Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forget Type Tweeting!

Note: Links open webpage not iTunes

Has anybody ever tried audio tweets?
Well I've been playing around with this new app for my iPhone called TweetMic and it's actually pretty cool. I guess if twitter is technically for busy people then TweetMic would be for really really busy people! Now you don't even have to type your messages, you just speak into the app to record a "Tweetcast" (as they call it) and if you want to write a little message, it gives you a space for that, then just send! It automatically posts to your twitter account. It cannot get any easier!

If you don't want to type a message, they actually have a default message already in place that says "listen to my audio tweet". That's pretty self explanatory, right?
I love it, but it's a little awkward for me because I'm one of those people that hears their voice in a recording and can't believe that it's them LOL! Yes it's silly but we are who we are. I will however post a TweetMic post for just this occasion on my twitter account to announce this blog post and then I'll probably never do it again, ha ha! Seriously though, I do think it's a really cool idea for those of us who are comfortable with that sort of medium and this app actually accomplishes the task at hand rather well.

It's only $.99 at the app store what are u waiting for?