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Stick It by Tapfactory -- Review

My review for the
"Stick It
" iPhone app
by Tapfactory
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Stick it icon

Apple finally added Tapfactory's new app to its app store and I have to admit, it's pretty cool!
With so many apps to choose from in iTunes, I'm here to point out some specific ones for you, like "Stick It" by Tapfactory for the iPhone/iPod so read on!

First of all, the icon is cute and definitely relevant to the app itself. It's a picture of some sticky notes of course (image shown above and links directly to the app website not iTunes). It starts up very quickly and runs smoothly on my iPhone 3G and offers lots of customization options.

The user interface is so self-explanatory that even the most technically challenged users will be able to use this app with no problems in my opinion.
It's pretty straightforward, and does exactly what it says it will, but it makes creating reminders fun.

You can create regular looking sticky notes or choose from a va
riety of styles and colors, then add your text and choose from the list of included fonts which also includes the option to change the color and size of your text (which can be extremely helpful for fitting text perfectly on any note style you choose, big or small).
Last is the option of backgrounds which include brick walls, steel, paper and many others. If you don't like any of those, use your own photos stored on your iPhone or take a picture! The note styles also include many different talk bubbles if you feel like turning your picture into a comic! I love that feature!
All of these options are created easily with the touch of a well labeled button or swipe of the screen. I had absolutely no problem navigating and performing everything I wan
ted to do with this app. Honestly, they could not make it any easier to use this!

After creating your note you can export it to your photo folder on your iPhone, then just add it as your background and it will appear on your lock screen so it's the first thing you see when you turn on your iPhone or iPod! Perfect for important reminders! There's also a preview button so you can see how it will look before you save it.
I love the idea they showed on the demo video using a metal plate as your note and adding your info as the text so if your phone is lost the first thing they will see is where they can return it! The note style and background is a great touch to make it look stylish.
I also love the comic effect you can add t
o your own photos for a fun, personal touch. Check out the examples I posted that were all created in this app in my personal photo with a comic note added for fun.
Add one note or many! The choice is yours!

Problems Experienced:

The only problem I actually had with this app was when I was scrolling through the note styles. It appeared to be stuck and would not swipe to the next screen (the note style choices are the same format as your iPhone home screens where you are to swipe to the next screen for the next note style and when you choose one, you would tap the note itself).
I spoke to the developer about this and was informed me that I needed to swipe above or below the note in order to move from screen to screen. I was actually tryin
g to swipe on the note itself in the middle of each screen.
I went into the app again to see if that was actually the problem and sure enough, it was! Swiping above and below the note made the transitions much easier. So I thought I would mention this in case you got this app and thought it was not working properly like I had thought. This was the only thing not apparent.

Additional Information:

I'm told an update was submitted to Apple already and I
believe they will be adding more choices to customize your notes in future updates. In my personal opinion, this developer seems genuinely dedicated to the apps they create and distribute.
I can comfortably recommend this app to anyone who is looking for something like this or just likes these kind of apps. The amount of options available is just awesome and worth the small price. Now go get it!

Links for "Stick It" App:

My personal images created in "Stick It"
(you can click each image to view a larger version)

Go to developer website for more images and information.

Quote from website:
Stick It

The most versatile custom reminder tool for your iPhone/iPod. Quickly, and easily create wallpapers for your lockscreen.

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