Friday, May 1, 2009

Sing or Hum a tune...

To find out the name of the song! There is this cool little iPhone app called midomi that I just found out about and it's just like Shazam except so much more!

With this app, you can actually sing or hum a tune and it will guess what the song is.
I've tested it out a little bit and it's not so great at guessing with my singing ,,HaHa,,, but yours might be better? (It did actually guess a few songs I sang very badly LOL)... It also has the same feature as Shazam where you can play it a song and many other ways to identify that song you're trying to figure out the name of.
I just love this one because it has a whole bunch of stuff all in one so you can't go wrong!

It was actually free when I got it but now it seems to be $2.99.
I do really think it's a pretty good app although I can't be your judge and I definitely can't make you spend the money but if you have it to spare, I say go for it! They have actually upgraded it since I first used it and it's now called "midomi Ultra"! I don't know if I could justify spending the money on this when shazam is free because I don't know if I would have purchased it had I not gotten it for free but the choice is up to you of course!

Click here to open iTunes right to the "midomi Ultra" page.

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Release Date: May 05, 2009
Genre: Music
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