Monday, May 11, 2009

GMate Mail for GMail

GMate Mail for Gmail

GMate Mail for GMail
Release Date: May 09, 2009
Genre: Utilities
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GMate Mail for Gmail (link will open up iTunes)

I just bought this app from iTunes and I think it is really great! I use this extension on Firefox called Gmail Manager where you can put multiple Gmail accounts and it and check them with just a click of the button and I love that because I have so many Gmail accounts to check.
Now somebody made this kind of thing for iPhone and it works really well. You can add multiple Gmail accounts and use a simple pulldown menu to change accounts and the mail shows up more like it does when you check mail through the browser. Whenever I check using iPhone's mail system, it always seems limited and doesn't always show me everything but this app solves that problem for me.

It runs rather quick in my opinion and it is just really useful for people like me with more than one Gmail account. It's only $.99 and I think it was really worth it. I just thought that I would mention it here in case anyone didn't know about it.

Another thing I forgot to mention, it also allows you to view web pages in the app right
through Google just as if you were actually on the Google homepage. All the links are
there to calendar, Web, news,,,etc.. and you can even view image searches on it.
It is exactly like using the Google homepage from the regular web.
There is also a button that lets you open the page in Safari if you don't like
looking through this app or if you want to save a bookmark since this doesn't have that ability.

It also supports landscape view and you can type in landscape view.
I keep learning new things about this as I play with it.
I definitely recommend it! For $.99 how can you go wrong? LOL well I guess you can go wrong
but I think this is worth it.

It's just really cool!

Small Update:

I've had a chance to play with it a little more and even talked to the developer.
There were a few problems at first like the spacebar was totally unresponsive when trying to write an e-mail and honestly, how can you write an e-mail without spaces?
Also there was a strange error whenever I looked at a webpage through the app and try to go back to e-mail.
I talked to the developer and he was very responsive about addressing problems and fixing them. So far these things have not been an issue since speaking with them and I feel confident that this person will actually try to improve this app and not forget about it.

I also asked about the push feature and being able to use your iPhone contacts for e-mails. He wouldn't say specifically but I am getting the feeling that these features may be added soon. One can only hope! I really do want to use this more often but unfortunately the iPhone e-mail is the only one that is truly integrated with the rest of the phone features. We'll just have to wait and see!