Monday, April 27, 2009

Arranging iPhone Apps across Screens

I don't know how anyone else manages to move their numerous apps across all those screens on their phone but I thought I would mention how I do it.
I used to actually move them one at a time, screen by screen but then this became extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Especially when I started to really collect a lot of apps!

So now what I do, is I temporarily remove the icons from my dock (that little strip on the bottom of your iPhone screen where you usually put your most frequently used icons) and replace them with the apps I want to move. Then I just flip to whatever screen I want to place them on and pull them off the dock. When I'm done moving all my apps that I want to move, I just put my original icons back on the dock and I'm done!
It's nothing genius but at least it gives me the ability to move 4 apps at a time, without having to go page by page. I think it's a lot quicker but that's just my opinion!


Bo said...

wow what a great idea, so simple but took a techie to think of it.