Friday, April 24, 2009

Unlock iEmoji FOR FREE!! Legally

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This does not require your phone to be jailbroken but I think it does require 2.2 firmware.

DO NOT PAY for an Application to Unlock iEmoji!!! It can be done for FREE with a FREE application from iTunes NOT a paid one! (Link posted below)
I took a screenshot with some simple instructions on how to use this on your iPhone to unlock these cute little pictures for use in texting, e-mailing, Instant Messenging and even websites like Facebook. The catch is, in most places like Facebook (any webpages), e-mailing and such, only other iPhone users will be able to see them and they must be looking at them with their iPhone of course.

How I found this little trick:
one day I was checking out the iEmoji app and thought it was really cool but really didn't want to pay two dollars for that. So I did a search on iTunes with the word "iEmoji" and this application called "Spell Number" popped up which piqued my curiosity. I just read a few reviews and found out that this FREE app also unlocks those cute little iEmoji's.... and it does it for free! So now I wanted to share with everyone else because I don't think people should have to pay for something that is available for free.

- First of all follow my link (which opens iTunes to the app "Spell Number") and download the FREE app "Spell Number" to your iPhone.
Open the program and type in the number on the image shown below.
Do not do anything else after typing this number except close the app.
- Next go into your iPhone settings Under settings, go to "General"
then scroll down to "Keyboard"
scroll down again and go to "International Keyboards"
next, scroll down to "Japanese"
in their should be an option that says "Emoji" and just turn it on.
If the option is not there, then you probably typed the wrong number in so go out and do it all over again.

Next go into something you can type in like "Notes" and on your keyboard you will now see a little icon next to the space bar that opens up the menu for the new icons and that's it!

You can choose to delete the app after you unlocked the iEmoji. I keep it around in case I might need it again.

Now go tell everyone you know that has an iPhone so you can text each other with cute pictures LOL ;)

There are lots more iEmoji's but I just typed a few to show what they are.

This link will open up iTunes to the "Spell Number" app.


Eddie R. said...

This app rocks.....!

Anonymous said...

Awesome app easy to follow thanks very much. I have been searching for a simple way to do this and you gave it to me.

Phil Cairns Australia