Monday, April 20, 2009

My iPhone Obsession

Ever since I got my iPhone I've been lately obsessed with it and finding all kinds of stuff on the Internet and everywhere but no one to share with.
So I decided to create this blog to share information on whatever I'm obsessed with at the moment and right now that happens to be my iPhone 3G.

I bought it a few weeks ago from AT&T but then they went up for sale so I called them up all ready to complain but they gave me no argument. Instead the AT&T guy was very pleasant to talk to and credited my money back (around $60) within 5 minutes. Not to mention I only spent about 5 seconds on hold after the automated service told me I would be waiting 10 minutes. So the entire experience was actually really great and made me pretty happy with AT&T.... for now anyway.

I also bought my iPhone refurbished and had a slight problem with the voicemail button not working properly. So I called them up about that and spoke to a nice woman who quickly set up a replacement to be sent to me immediately. I actually received a replacement the next morning which surprised the heck out of me! Both units were in brand-new condition with the exception of the voicemail button which may or may not have been something I did, but I won't go into that hehe.
As of right now, I would have to recommend AT&T because I've had nothing but great experiences with them so far.