Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trying iBlogger App

So I got this iBlogger app on my iPhone and decided to try it out. So far it seems decent but I'll know better after I post this & check it out on the web. Hopefully it won't look all messed up ::::crosses fingers::::

Ok what else?? Ohh yeah I also installed "Veency" (jailbroken iPhones only) because I was looking for a way to record a video of my iPhone screen & this will supposedly let me do just that! I'll test it & post video here next.

Well Im gonna cut this short because I still don't know whether this will even post correctly using this iBlogger app & it would really suck if I typed a long long post (on my tiny iPhone keyboard no less) only to find out it jumbled everything up, or worse, never posted at all! AAAAACCCKKK!!!
So here we go ::::publishing to blog::::

After Checking Web View:

Ok so it looks decent :) Not bad iBlogger. It let's me do tags, HTML editing, & a few other things. I'm pretty sure I can post pics too but not positive yet... we shall see! AND it also AUTOMATICALLY advertises itself with a nice little line at the bottom of your posts along with a convienient link leading right to this app so you too can purchase it!! How sweet of them to make you pay & then force you to advertise for them.
Yeah sure you can delete the thing on the web editor but that's not the point. I don't believe you should have to advertise for the company unless the app was free. Ok rant over :D

In any case, it does what it's supposed to & does it pretty well sooooo ....,. Maybe I'll be posting again afterall ;)

I'm not sure what I'll post about just yet but most likely it'll be whatever I'm into at the moment & not nessesarily only iPhone talk. I just really need an outlet for writing again because it's always been a huge part of my life & an enormous stress reliever. I've literally always written in a journal/diary and started at age 6.... That journal had Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse on it... Hehe.

Ok so I'm gonna go try that Veency App now & hope it works! Sooo exciting heh heh heh...

Ta-Ta For Now aka T.T.F.N. =)