Monday, August 30, 2010

I Don't Want a New iPhone 

I've had my iPhone 3G for awhile and I was content or at least I thought I was.....THEN came the new iPhone & my world got a little crazy....and so it begins...

The iPhone 4 was coming & we all knew it. The buzz was incredible & could be heard from anywhere I looked. Technically, we just had the 3Gs come out but this was different.

When the 3Gs was released, it was exciting, but what some people don't know is that ALL the "new" features Apple was presenting us on the 3Gs were not really new.

The hacker geniuses of the iPhone world discovered that most, if not all of these 3Gs features, were already present in the 3G model & just needed to be uncovered & utilized....Next thing you know, my 3G suddenly has all these awesome new features available and everyone is jail breaking to get them too!

By the time Apple announces the iPhone 3Gs, it's not so new anymore.

Although, Those who don't jailbreak are in awe & just fascinated by all these new toys for their favorite gadget.... but the ones who jailbreak? Well, not so much...
How could it be when jailbreakers have already had every one of those so called "new" features functioning on their current model device practically since it was released.

The iPhone 4 was different....
It was ALL new and as much as I didn't want to admit it...I wanted one!

I decided against upgrading though because I thought it was too much money to throw away when my 3G was working ok...a bit slow but ok nonetheless & I couldn't seriously justify the purchase right then....So I tried to forget, tried to move on....
Soooooo much easier said than done!

So I'm sitting at home with my aging, sluggish 3G,, attempting to ignore any iPhone 4 news while pretending not to be jealous of all the new owners.

Each time an iPhone commercial came on, it arrogantly bragged on about another cool feature that my poor 3G could only dream of doing, no matter how much hacking is done.
To make it worse, it teased me mercilessly with it's reasonably priced upgrade offer available to almost everyone, including me...but I was tough!
I'd proudly turn away & remind myself of all the great things my phone could still do. I'd go down the list of reasons I'd be thankful I didn't jump on the iPhone 4 bandwagon.
For instance, I wouldn't have to be one of the guinea pigs that finds all the problems that come with new purchases....
by the time I upgraded, I'd be well aware of any problems because they most likely would be sorted out by then.
Also, nothing is ever working for new devices yet because everyone updates slowly. So most apps won't work.
There was more but ummmm I can't remember anymore. I'm typing on my 3G & it keeps freezing up.

Where was I? Oh yeah that's right, happy with my 3G...

My mom just called & asked me if I wanted the iPhone 4 as a birthday gift from her this year so I gotta go now because the Apple store down the block closes in 20 minutes!!!

This was just something I wrote quick to get me back into writing. It's true but just silly writing 